Squeeze in pieces for the perfect shape


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Fit In The Hole is a game where you'll enjoy piecing together parts of a shape puzzle to get each of them to fit perfectly. In order to accomplish this seemingly simple task, you'll have to tap your screen timing your tap down to the millisecond to when your piece lights up. A second earlier, or a second too late, and your pieces won't fit together at all.

As you play and improve your score, you'll pick up coins. With your winnings, you'll unlock new shapes for your pieces. As per usual at the beginning, all you'll get is a simple shape, but all in all, you'll total up more than 15 different types of shapes for your pieces, some of which are surprisingly original.

Although Fit pieces are always identical, each match is different from the last. Plus, that way all your matches become increasingly more difficult so what starts out as a simple game ends up becoming fairly nuanced and complex.

Fit is another outstanding game by Ketchapp -- quickly becoming a household name -- when it comes to serving players with simple gameplay paired with elegant design. An ideal game to play a few quick matches to chill out for a bit.

Android 4.1 or higher required